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Welcome to Biology 1570, Microbiology of Health and Disease. I am looking forward to working with you this semester. It's my objective to help you learn the role microbes play in our lives and help you achieve your career goal.

As is true in all classes, you will get out of this class what you put into it. Your success will also be a function of your preparation. So I encourage you to prepare for both the lectures and exams.

If you complete the chapter reading assignment before I cover the topics in my lectures, then you will benefit more from my lectures. I know this may feel counter-intuitive, but its true. Furthermore, you will be better prepared to ask questions during the lecture about topics from your reading assignment and study guide questions.

The Web site for your class is designed to provide you with class resources. The lectures are posted as power point presentation. Learning Objectives, Word-banks, Homework Assignments (i.e. videos), Guest Lectures, and Self-Assessment Tool (i.e. game) are also posted on this Web site. The site is a work in progress. At the top of the home page I will post a "message board". I will post corrections and/or changes in the weekly schedule and assignment.

One of my objectives is to introduce you to some of the leading biologist in the world. These are men and women who have made significant contributions in the field of biology and microbiology . These lectures are not only educational, but they are inspirational. (You can also earn some bonus points if you watch these videos and complete a worksheet!)

The Learning Objectives (i.e. Chapter Study Guides) identify "key ideas" in the reading assignments and lectures. These are the "key ideas" you will need to know for the exams. The Homework assignments are videos that illustrate the Learning Objectives. The Self-Assessment Tool is a "game" designed to assess your understanding covered in the Learning Objectives. The Word-bank is a list of vocabulary terms. I will use these terms for a unit vocabulary quiz for bonus points..

I believe success is simply a function of being prepared for any opportunity. Conversely, failure is a sign of not being prepared for the opportunity. Here is how Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Car Company, said it best, "The harder I worked, the luckier I got". So put in the time to learn this material and work smart. You may want to form "leaning cells" with your classmates and quiz each other using the Chapter Study Guide questions! Making flash cards is also another proven study technique. It's all about time on task!

Your grade will be calculated by the average of Seven Unit Exams plus Bonus Point accumulated from Vocabulary Quizzes (7), and guest lecture videos with worksheet (7). There are no make-up exams, however. If you miss a unit exam then you can take an accumulative exam at the end of the semester (i.e. the Replacement Exam). This would be used for the exam you missed. If you take all the unit exams then you can use the Replacement Exam's score to replace your lowest unit exam score.

This is an exciting class. We will study the structure and function of many different types of microbes. I hope you budget some time every day to work on your homework. We need to cover a lot of information in this coarse and there never seems like there is enough time, however. I always have time for a thoughtful question. So I encourage you to ask questions. So good luck to everyone and I hope you are as excited as I am to start this semester!